BUHS students create “The Nest”

Fan section cheers for football, volleyball teams

Allyssa Ledesma, Hawk Staff Writer

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Here at BUHS we don’t just have a student section, we have a nest for our fellow hawks. A place for all of our student fans to go, scream, cheer and just get loud for our athletes. It was created and promoted by Senior, varsity slot receiver and safety Luis “Louie” Anduray. Which it is now being kept alive by Senior IB student, Peggy Packer. The Nest is not specific for just one special team, it branches out to all teams. From football to track and field. Coach Storkel feels, “Having a group of people getting loud and crazy supporting our Hawk Players” is what he believes is when fans come to support his players. Then he also contributes that the The Nest “for example the last volleyball match we cut practice short and had all the football players paint their body blue and had them in the stands supporting our girls.”

The crowd, the people, the adrenaline everything that’s occurring all spontaneously “makes me play better because I feel like we have a lot of support out in the stands.” said Art Bojorquez quarter back of the varsity football team about The Nest. He believes that the benefits of The Nest are “it gets us super pumped up “and that “whenever we do something good it’s a lot louder than if it were empty”. Along with Bojorquez his protégé, sophomore Albert Garcia, are both quarterbacks. They agree “If I feel hype and pumped up enough it changed my thought process of the whole game. Sometimes the energy that is brought by our fans transfers to the team and changes our intensity.”

Just like our Varsity QB, Junior Alex Fernandez agrees that “it gets us super pumped up and helps our teams and helps them win” stating that he tributes to The Nest by “going and getting the people around him pumped up”. With Alex Fernandez being a baseball player and the second athlete to comment on the nest both him and Art believe to make The Nest better than it already is that more people need to attend home games and do what it takes to make the crowd louder.

As far as how well our Nest is some believe that there can still be more done about it. “Get more people going, getting more involved, like how people paint their face and body’s. It’ll get more people going and get them to cheer louder.” Is what Hunter Mleynek believes. Senior and varsity Volleyball player Brooke Hamilton states, “Add streamers and decorations.” Or Jacob Colville believes “things to throw, like beach balls or horns to make it louder.” Having things to throw or even more decorations are only the beginning of suggestions from students. Again our Coach Storkel speaks and states “like college games they not only have items to throw around and play with but they get the crowd more involved in the game by having games in the crowd while the game on the court of field is going on.”

Athletes, coaches, and students, all there to support one another in any way they can. Being part of The Nest and getting loud. Showing pride in our school in any way they can. This is what Buckeye brings to the table.

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BUHS students create “The Nest”