“Buckeye receives new weight room equipment”

Juan Cabrera, Hawk Staff Writer

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During the school year of 2014 Buckeye union High school district was granted a 40 million dollar bond that would increase the use of technology in the classroom by giving all students a laptop, the bond would also help student athletes by increasing the size of the weight room and as well as a brand new turf football field at Buckeye Union High School.


The students have been told that the new equipment for the weight room would arrive sooner or later and eventually it would. The Buckeye football team would come into a Saturday morning practice to find a large moving truck importing all kinds of new equipment for the weight room such as new benches,dumbbells,sleds,ellipticals,etc. The team would then help rearrange old dumbbells to replace them with the new and improved ones as well assisting in other ways needed.


Senior Carlos Rivas described his feelings about the addition of the equipment

“It’s really legit, it’s really modern like up to date it’s nice. The weight room looks super awesome man.”


Besides the equipment addition during the summer there was also expansion of the weight room itself extending it outward and creating a section including a projector for film sessions or character lessons or anything else to benefit the student athletes.


“I plan on using them with the workouts coach provides for us and just workout really hard.” Said Senior Robert Aceves talking about how he will use the new equipment.


The character lessons take place every Friday during class periods of students, the lesson teaches students different qualities that the instructors give to them such as noble,hard working,love,consistent,etc.


Other than the equipment itself there was also a add on of turf inside the weight room that stretches out from the entrance to the exit and creates a long stretch that can be used for workouts involving sprints,races,etc.


The equipment as well as the legacy and everything else that lives within the weight room will remain at Buckeye long after all have gone and passed.

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“Buckeye receives new weight room equipment”