Does the motor city have what it takes to go the whole way?

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Okay what’s going on everybody! You already know why I’m here, to give you my annual NBA finals picks.I am going to go ahead and start with my finals picks. Now I’m well known for making crazy statements and sometimes I’m wrong but more likely I like to think I’m right.

My Pick from the Eastern Conference is going to be the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are

sitting at 8-9 as I write this and are the 10th seed in the East.

The reason I’m pulling for them to take the east is one simple reason, Chemistry.

The Pistons display a strong work ethic on the defensive side and that can be signs of long term success but seem to be afraid to distribute the ball and that always can be signs for failure.

The Pistons have been a rebuilding project for many years, basically since the last championship run they made.


But now they have a solid program Detroit’s stats speak volumes.

Detroit averages 95.5 points per game which ranks 29 in the league, 17.4 assists per game which ranks 30 overall, 47.2 rebounds per game which puts them in second and lastly is the points allowed per game which is 96.1 and that is enough to rank them at 5th.


Now if they intend to make a run there is a few vital things that need to happen one of which being is taking the down the king and the rest of the deck of cards in Cleveland, their first meeting of the season up to this point ended with a Detroit win and to be honest I truly believe they will be a threat in the playoffs do not sleep on them! The combination of point guard Reggie Jackson and center Andre Drummond will become a household name kind of threat to the NBA trust me!



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Does the motor city have what it takes to go the whole way?