Buckeye Union Grad Bash 2015

February 23, 2016

The class of 2016 leaves Buckeye hawks with a new tradition, Pre Grad Bash. There was a great beginning to the day which included some inspirational speakers, like a motivated author with a great story, to our very own superintendent.

Having one of our counselors, Tiffanie Topie, attend a training is where this idea came to be. Throughout the training she learned a way to lead students into the path of college. However,

“ Mrs. Topie went to a training but wanted to do it differently from the way they taught her. She not only wanted to focus on college but also the different paths that students have in offer, “ said Kris Guy.

As this idea came to be, the counselors wanted to get students involved with the planning of the Pre Grad Bash, so they formed a committee.

Kavia Boswell, one of the members, states, “ I felt like I could bring positivity to the committee.”  As the reason she joined.

“ Cause I’m me. “ Is the reason Andres Velasquez said he became a part of the committee.

 With the committee knowing they had to organize an entire school day dedicated to the future of our seniors, their main focus, was making sure that each individual left that day with a clear mindset of what was to come in their life.

“ It simply wasn’t about having fun, but about giving seniors the opportunity to receive scholarships or get into different colleges,as well as fill out resumes for jobs if college is not their choice.  “ explains Davonte’ Clark.

Although the Pre Grad Bash focus was to find a future path, the committee wanted to make certain that the class of 2016 was rewarded for their accomplishments that day.  In result with having a catered lunch as well as having some activities to finish off the day. A few of the things consisted of: rock wall, sumo wrestling, starbucks coffee, dj’s, and many more activities. There was something for everyone to enjoy. Although the day consisted of something for everyone to enjoy senior, Tate Palmer explained,
“Something I would have done differently is I would have had less speakers in the beginning, therefore we would’ve had more hands on time, so more students would have taken advantage of this great opportunity.”

“On the resume that all seniors took, we would add on a lot more leading questions and get more volunteers and the community more involved.” is what Mrs. Guy would have done differently.

In the end seniors did feel there were many benefits

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