The Flaws Behind All Lives Matter

Peggy Packer, Hawk Staff Writer

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With racism and violence toward the African American community on a rise, there has been a demand for social reform all over America; thus, leading to the movement most-commonly `referred to as #BlackLivesMatter.


Sadly, the recognition of this movement has sparked controversy and created an even bigger barrier between the two feuding communities. Why? It has simply created discomfort amongst the white community.


#BlackLivesMatter was created to address the issues of systematic oppression that many blacks face today. It was not created to be an act of violence. It was not created to help African Americans overpower the white community. It was created to empower the oppressed and confront the oppressor.


#AllLivesMatter, on the other hand, is a product of the discomfort created by #BlackLivesMatter. It was created by people who believe that the #BlackLivesMatter movement implies that no other life holds value; it is a non-sequitur. While the movement does directly focus on black lives, it does not claim that other lives are not important. Instead, it focuses on the extremely evident issue at hand: the lives of colored people hold significantly less value than that of whites.


We do not need to tell the world that #WhiteLivesMatter because our society reflects that very idea. The aim of #BlackLivesMatter is to prove that the lives of blacks are equal (not superior to) to the lives of whites.


When faced with the true meaning of the movement, one can see that the aim of #BlackLivesMatter is to actually make #AllLivesMatter. The only difference is the #AllLivesMatter protest is a reaction to the original movement in attempt to drown it out and ensure that nobody is offended. It is used to ensure that those who do not want to recognize their own privilege are not made uncomfortable. It is a term used to beat around the bush and derail the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


This is why nobody said #AllLivesMatter before anyone said #BlackLivesMatter, and hardly anybody uses it in any other situations. Hundreds of #AllLivesMatter protesters themselves have screamed #AllLivesMatter in the face of #BlackLivesMatter protestors, yet have refused to support Syrian refugees.
Why? Because #AllLivesMatter is a refute, not a movement.

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The Flaws Behind All Lives Matter