All Lives Matter

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All lives matter. Just those three words express so much emotion and truth. Not just the lives of one race matters. Not just white. Not just asian. Not just black. Not just hispanic. Every single life matters. The movement, “Black Lives Matter” refuses to preach the fact that everyone is the same. Instead the Movement focuses on the color of skin. African Americans are not not the only race that has faced police brutality. According to 2014 nationwide poll people killed  by police, only 233 African Americans were killed vs. 15 Asian, 138 Hispanic, and 414 Caucasian. If more white people are killed by police annually as opposed to black people, then why do we, American citizens, not hear of these victims? Instead we hear of only those of an African descent. I am not saying that these victims lives do not matter, but what exactly made these deaths any different from the other races? Nothing, people are people. Skin is only a protective layer, no matter the pigment.

This is not a matter of a certain race being targeted, but a matter of media. Polls have shown that black people are not killed the most by police brutality. Media favors to headline stories having to do with minority deaths rather than just an overall death of people. This topic is not a matter of comfortability, but rather a matter of racism. Yes, America had slaves back in Civil War times. This was a dark time in our history. Racism still occurs today and people are always preaching and protesting that racism needs to end. Indeed racism does need to end, but how will it end if society says the color of your skin defines you as a person? If racism needs to end so do groups such as #BlackLivesMatter.

The Movement does not take into consideration the actual number of deaths from police, they look at what is on the media. Media and society is very one sided. Black people are not targeted. Society is one sided and does not give out both sides of the story, but rather an incorrect and highly biased version. This isn’t all of the media’s fault, but a combined effort of both network and people. Networks air/print what they think is more newsworthy and people only read and watch what is printed/aired. People do not follow up on all the facts just what is mentioned in the headlines.

Even when racism isn’t intended, via #BlackLivesMatter, racism still lives on. In order to end this battle on racism, people will have to quit signalling out different races. The color of your skin does not define who you are. All lives matter.

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All Lives Matter