Culinary Arts Transformation

Rhianna Piazza, Culinary Arts Transformation

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Culinary Arts Transformation

          During the summer, new buildings were built on the Buckeye Union High School campus that have bigger and better innovations for multiple classes. One of these includes a brand new culinary room that comes with commercial kitchen equipment. In comparison to the old culinary room, this one is more advanced and gives students a higher chance to get an education in the culinary arts, which can benefit them if they are looking for a career in the food industry. Some appliances include salamanders, HydroVection ovens, flat tops, and other equipment that is uncommon in regular households. Since there is new equipment that is used in most high-end restaurants, students will learn how to be more responsible and safe due to the fact that these appliances are way more powerful. Ms. Caldwell, the culinary arts teacher, is teaching her students to be as mature as they can be so that later on they can enjoy cooking more impressive dishes. In addition to the brand new kitchen, there is also an outdoor patio decorated with strings of lights for events that the culinary classes host. Not only are the culinary students this semester excited, but so are the ones who are joining the classes next semester. “I am excited to have more space and to explore more techniques,” Julie Shipley, senior, eagerly says. She will be in Culinary Arts III, the highest level culinary class. Along with the enthusiastic students, Ms. Caldwell herself is definitely proud of this new room and is more than ready to continue sharing her passion for cooking with all of her students, who are just as passionate.

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Culinary Arts Transformation