Senior Plans

Shalamar Mixon, Copy Editor

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May 20 marks the day of sendoff for the class of 2016. Although it may be the end of one journey it is the beginning of an adventure, where the roads may take you on many different paths. For senior Eleanor Ahlstorm her plans after graduation are not set in stone although her dreams of going to the University of Arizona to pursue her career in nursing is up in the air. She has earned a scholarship that will pay her full tuition fees at UofA, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University. While being interviewed, Ahlstorm expressed a passion of studying abroad.

“I love to travel and experience different cultures. I have taken four years of Spanish and would absolutely love to put that knowledge to use,” said Ahlstorm.

For senior Rachel Doner, starting a tattoo business is the next step in life after receiving her diploma. She believes that putting her talents to use after high school would be the best thing for her.

“Basically my plan after high school is to work apprentice under a license tattoo artist hopefully, I will be doing tattoos of my own by December,” said Doner.

Doner is the not the only senior who will be using her talents right away after high school. Ka’via Bowell plans to major in dance while continuing her associates degree at Estrella Mountain Community College. After perusing her degree she hopes to further her dance career in New York at AMDA.

“My main goal is to go down to New York stay with a family member and audition for Broadway productions,” said Boswell.

Similarly, while talents are in the question, Yancey Vanosdell has been scouted by an athletic scout to play Football for Southwestern College in Kansas.

“I feel blessed. It is not everyday that you get a scholarship to go play the sport you love,” said  Vanosdell.

Serving the country we live in are many seniors dreams after graduation but for Rosie Gonzalez it is much more. Gonzalez plans to go into the military, specifically, the United States Army. Even though she says her parents are very afraid for her to give her life up for the United States, she said during an interview.

“I am going into the U.S. Army because I was inspired by Major and Chief. Also, I want more in my life to be proud of,” said Gonzalez

Many seniors are not ready to go straight into college or do not even want to go into college at all. For Gerardo Rodriquez, his plans after graduation is to go straight into working at the paintball activity center like he has been in high school. For Martin Silva, he is undecided about his plans after high school. Silva ethier wants to go to community college or a trade school but still has not claimed a major on what he will plan to pursue a career in.

Seniors are taking off on many different paths into the world as they grow as young adult. Graduation is the first step for their future plans. The second step is growing into the person they always wanted to become. Last, accomplishing their goals they set for the future.

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Senior Plans