Dance Show

Rene Hinojos and Chris Contreras, writers

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As everyone knows, the dance show is quickly approaching and the dancers are ready to perform. The dance show this year is bound to be a great success with all the effort the students and teachers have put into it. The dance show this year is so much different than the other years, with more excitement from students than ever. The dancers always try to push themselves in performance and in new techniques because they want to succeed in every year’s dance performance. They have an exciting and unique theme this year, with new choreographers for the performance class to enhance their skills.            

Every year, male students always ask if they should be in the dance class but don’t end up doing it because they think that dance is for girls only. This year, however, some guy students have tried out and grew the guts to be in dance, making it more common for guys to be in the class. The guys bring a whole different level of energy to the dance class, and the girls love it. It brings forth more effort from the whole class since the four guys in performance dance have less experience than some of the other students. The boys have worked very hard to make this a great show.

           Every year for dance is a great year and this year is going to be a whole different level. The dances will be with more action, more stunts, and more entertainment for the whole audience. The theme for this year is “Superheroes”. It is going to be an amazing way to see a whole new level of super heroes, both fictional and real-life. This year the audience will be able to feel the advanced level of the dance program, and witness the  athleticism that dancing requires. It takes a lot of work to have this kind of potential. Every teacher has a different role in dance, but Ms. G, the dance instructor, has worked so hard to make these young dancers the best that they can possibly be. She is a hard worker and knows dance very well.

           Ms. G’s love for dance is indescribable and she loves to share her passion. Her students say that she’s the best teacher they have had in dance. They have learned how to love one another and also how to be a family. The dance concert this year, will be very emotional for the senior ladies, as it  will be their last year together in high school showing out what they can do.

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Dance Show