The Holiday Concert

Ian Jones, Falcon Staff Writer

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A tradition at BUHS dating back to when the music program first started, the holiday concert is a BUHS staple. In the past years, it begins with the band playing it’s marching show for the final time, putting it into retirement, then typically transitions into solos and small groups for people to perform. Afterwards, the jazz band will perform, but in the past fifteen or so years, the jazz band has been somewhat fazed out, only to have returned two years ago, it was brought back and is now a main part of the band experience. The BUHS choir then performs with typically at least one song for some people to sing along with, and then finally, the band comes back on stage and plays a song with the choir and the audience to sing along with, having everyone participate in the holiday cheer.

Mrs. White, the band and choir director told the newspaper, “I’m so excited for this concert, I always am. Having the band and the choir be able to perform together is always my favorite part of the year. I absolutely love the holidays, it’s a great time of the year to have people come together and have songs people recognize to sing along with.” She went on to mention how it’s the marching band’s last time to perform the show. “It’s the last time in the school year the the band and the guard are together, once concert band starts the band and the guard will split apart into two different things.” “I choose the music for the band to keep it easy for them after a very long year of hard work, so I kept it simple with stuff that we were already comfortable with. Choir’s music is a combination of many year’s past, stuff that all of us knew and liked, a lot of variety with the selection.” “My favorite song for the band would have to be ‘Castle in the Clouds’ because of just how far its come since its beginning. Choir’s would be ‘Carol of the Bells’ because it’s really recognizable and the kids really like it.”

The concert includes soloists in songs such as “On My Own,” featuring Keely Yeager and Ian Jones, “Do You Hear the People Sing,” featuring Valince Valles and Ian Jones as soloists, ‘Big Band Holiday,” with solos by Alan Martinez-Hernandez and Ian Jones, and the Choir has Rebecca Kirk singing “O Holy Night,” Jeanae Deleon singing “Santa Baby,” Nate Oliva-Wyckoff singing “One Call Away,” and finally “Breath of Heaven,” sung by Getzaly Beltran.

Admission to the concert is free, however donations, however small are greatly encouraged. The concert will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday the 15th, and we hope to see BUHS supporting their music program there!

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The Holiday Concert